When I first heard about NUCCA care, I thought it was too good to be true.

Dr. Barbara Read in her first couple years of practice in Ames.

But there I was in Chicago, a new chiropractor, with an opportunity to train with a master of this form of care, Dr. Marshall Dickholtz, Sr. And I took him up on his offer to train me. And I was astounded by the number of people coming through the door seeking help for all kinds of problems. People who had been everywhere else, had seen everyone else, and and had tried everything else.

And I couldn’t deny that this system of healing was working. And it was gentle. And it often took less adjustments.

I was hooked. I knew I had to be a NUCCA chiropractor. And that I was going to get certified in this work so that I could serve as many people as possible, with the best quality care I could deliver.

Fast forward 10 years to 2008. I was  now married, a mom of two young children, and a decade later, I had finally realized this dream of being a fully certified NUCCA Doctor of Chiropractic.  I was proud of the flourishing practice I had started in Ames, Iowa after training for five years in Chicago. But I was even more proud of reaching this level of recognition that only a few chiropractors have pursued.

I can say with total confidence that my job is to help people heal. And I do it with the best way that I know how, with as much training as I can get.

It would be an honor to find out if I can help you with our gentle form of chiropractic, known as NUCCA. Just  like I’ve been able to help thousands of others after 12 years as a doctor of chiropractic.

So, thank you for reading. I look forward to speaking with you at a consultation. You can reach me at (515) 233-8880, or through my toll free number (866) 233-8880. Or you can request a consultation through this website.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Barbara Read

P.S. You can read more about my qualifications and experience here.